Project VITALAB.Mobile
Year 2019
Categories VR/ARmobile


VITALab.Mobile is a mobile VR/AR laboratory for case and field studies as well as clinical trials to evaluate novel forms of virtual therapies and scientific research. The laboratory is build into a truck, which can reach a variety of different user groups everywhere. The focus of this interdisciplinary project is the creation of a user-friendly and real-world research and interactive environment with the topic of diagnostics and therapy in the future within a medico-therapeutic context. The project provides a platform for other scientists, doctors, therapists and patients.


VITALab.Mobile - A Mobile Living Lab. Schmelter, Thereza and Rings, Sebastian and Prasuhn, Caspar and Villwock, Joachim and Steinicke, Frank and Hildebrand, Kristian. Proceedings of Mensch Und Computer 2019. Demo Track. link pdf


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Computer Graphics and Intelligent Interactive Systems